Camping Procedures

 Rules for Camping at Frio Cielo Ranch
Owners camp free and must complete the Camping Permit Form. Campers must be either owners or the guest(s) of an owner. Owners are prohibited from reserving more than one campsite during Holiday periods of Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. Between May 1 and May 31, owners may reserve one site for the July 4th holiday weekend on a first come, first served basis. After May 31, all owners may reserve an additional site, if available, on the same basis.
To reserve a campsite, owners must follow the camping procedures, either for themselves or their guests.
• For non-owners, the camping fee is $15.00 per campsite per night. A non-owner is anyone not living in the owner's household.
• The bathhouse is cleaned and maintained by volunteers. Please help us KEEP IT CLEAN. Bring your own toiletries and towels.
• Please be considerate of others at all times. Quiet time begins at 10:00 P.M. • All motor vehicles, ATVs, golf cars, bikes, etc. must be used on Ranch roads only. No driving of any motorized vehicles in the Dry Frio riverbed. This is Texas State Law. Ranch speed limit is 15 mph. Please keep vehicle noise and road dust to a minimum.
• Your TRASH and garbage MUST leave with you. Owners whose guests leave a mess will be charged $50 for clean-up.
• All pets must be leashed and under your DIRECT control at all times. They cannot be in the Reserve (common areas) without approval of the Board of Directors.
• No Firearms, Pellet guns, or B.B. guns are permitted to be discharged on the Ranch.
• Use only the existing fire pit that comes with your campsite. Be very careful with fires. During dry periods, the County or State may ban all fires. Cook food with extreme care during burn bans. The law must be followed carefully. Follow ALL local laws and rules.
• ABSOLUTELY NO FIREWORKS! The host owner is responsible because fire is a special danger at the Ranch.
• In case of a problem, call the Campground Coordinator (830-232-5456 or 830-232-6781)
Camping Reservation Procedures
Campground Coordinators are: Dan Lawrence 830-232-5456 or Debby Lawrence 830-232-6781
The fee is $15/campsite per night for guests of owners. To reserve a campsite, owners must follow these procedures, either for themselves or their guests.
1. Make a reservation for a campsite(s) at and complete the Camping Permit Form; or
2. Call the Campground Coordinator to make a camping reservation. Either Debby or Dan will get back with you to complete the reservation process. 3. Please call one of the Coordinators on the day of your arrival (or the day before) with an estimated time of arrival. Upon your arrival at Frio Cielo, Dan or Debby will meet you at the campground to issue you and/or your guest(s) a FCRA Camping Permit. This Permit must be displayed on your vehicle's windshield, visible from the road, at all times during your stay at the Ranch.
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