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There will be a stated meeting of the FCRA BOD at 11:00 am on October 8, 2016. We plan to have a town hall type meeting on the same date at 8:00 AM until 10:30 AM

Town Hall / Roundhouse Meeting of owners
August 13, 2016 9 am – 12 pm

The Board of Directors cancelled the August 13 meeting.
Owners that scheduled their time to attend meeting, instead gathered at park and discussed the following:

1) Ranch Finances:  Access to ranch financial records; desire to prepare a realistic budget for current & future fiscal years. Budget committee has requested reviewing expense receipts and a member sent certified letter requesting copies of selected ranch financial documents - neither request was fulfilled.

2) Ranch Records:  Financial, historical and other records should be stored in the Records building and members desiring access to records should be provided access in a timely manner. (As of now, we're not sure where all the records are kept.) Selected members on the ranch should be authorized to possess keys and provide access to records upon request.

3) Ranch water:  Paying for a water operator vs. owners voluntarily performing water operator duties. Creating a Water Oversight Committee to insure that water tests are performed as required by TCEQ and that the water system is carefully maintained and running smoothly.


We agreed the first three topics all tied back to the first topic…. the Ranch Finances. The committee will pursue all avenues to gain lawful access to the Ranch financial records

Refer to Texas Property Code, Title 11, Sec.209.005 Association Records and FCRA Bylaws: “Section 5.06 - Books and Records. The corporation shall keep correct and complete books and records of account and shall also keep minutes of the proceedings of its Members, Board of Directors, and committees having any of the authority of the Board of Directors, and shall keep at the registered or principal office a record giving the names and addresses of the members entitled to vote. All books and records of the corporation may be inspected by any Member or his agent or attorney for any proper purpose at any reasonable time.

4) Notice of board and special meetings: Meeting notice to members needs to comply with Bylaws and TX State Law. Secretary needs to have access to members' contact information for this purpose. Also, minutes of ALL meetings, BOD - Special - and Exec. Session - need to be taken and retained for any members to view upon request.


Members at this meeting agreed they would contact all owners and interview each one to update contact information and develop the best method to keep each owner informed. Feedback will be sought concerning all mentioned topics.

Refer to Texas Property Code, Title 11, Sec. 209.0051 OPEN BOARD MEETINGS(e)

5) Campground Regulations Update: A committee was formed to review and update, as needed, the camping procedures and regulations. Need to review these, present to members for comment and have member and/or BOD vote to approve and implement.

Comments: We are asking for owner feedback to add to the committee’s recommendations to the Board of Directors. The Board will act soon with all recommendations. Your input is important. Submit your thoughts and we will pass them on. Go to info@friocielo.com or go to the website and fill out your suggestions.

6) Front pasture open to horses: Need to research and present report on suggested procedures and oversight of horses potentially being kept in the front pasture. Also wish to present to members for their input prior to a vote by members and/or BOD.

Again, go to info@friocielo.com and / or go to www.friocielo.com Submit your thoughts and we will pass them on.

7) Changing voting process to a Secret ballot: Voting by secret ballot might encourage owners to more easily vote their conscience, rather than be concerned about confidentiality of their vote(s).

Comments: We will create a new page on website that references the current law. This will help owners and Board members ….it will be educational.

Refer to: Texas Property Code, Title 11, Sec. 209.0058(d) BALLOTS

(a) Except as provided by Subsection (d), any vote cast in an election or vote by a member of a property owners' association must be in writing and signed by the member. Subsection (d) allows the membership to elect anonymous ballots.
(d) A property owners' association may adopt rules to allow voting by secret ballot by members of the association. The association must take measures to reasonably ensure that: (1) a member cannot cast more votes than the member is eligible to cast in an election or vote; and (2) the association counts every vote cast by a member that is eligible to cast a vote.

Below is an audio Recording of the 2016 Annual Meeting
  Burn Ban in Uvalde County

History of the Frio Cielo Ranch
This is a vintage set of directions that came with a Map of The Frio Cielo Ranch circa the Early 70's:
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"The Frio Cielo Ranch is located in the Texas Hill Country in beautiful South Central Texas. It is near Garner State Park, Leakey, Concan, and Reagan Wells. Directions to Frio Cielo Ranch are as follows: Turn off Hwy. 83.....20 miles north of Uvalde onto FM 1051. From this point, it is 15 miles to Frio Cielo Ranch. You will see former Governor, Dolph Briscoe's home on the left. Soon, you'll arrive in Reagan Wells. A quaint miniature town which reached it's zenith early last century during the quest of many for mineral baths. The old, claw-footed tubs are still there, though now privately owned. From the Hwy 83 cut-off you have now traveled 8 miles to Reagan Wells. Go straight thru town and look at your car odometer to know when you have driven the next 7 miles to the Ranch. Leaving Reagan Wells you'll see the Baptist Church on the left, and on up the road you'll pass the Heard School and Cemetary. On to Ford Ranger Crossing, a flat cement, shallow river crossing. Farther on and you'll pass under the Flying J Ranch sign. You are almost there! Soon you will see the "WELCOME TO FRIO CIELO RANCH" sign, and that is where the fun begins!
Frio Cielo Ranch is a new idea in recreational fun. Own your own little spread- from one-half acre- and build your own hideaway cabin, or spread out and camp anywhere under the trees on the 100 acre reserve. Camping is for property owners only. Drive up the lane at Frio Cielo Ranch and you'll likely meet the Ranch Manager. He's there to show you around and to "ride fences" Take a hike down Turkey Trot  to the Pecan mott and count the deer or take the cut across the river up to the Indian Middens. Dig at your own risk! No live Indians have been found yet, but plenty of evidence shows they were here! Climb the bluff, swim the cool, clear 9/10th's of a mile of the Seco Frio River that runs through the Ranch. Hike the trails, and when you are ready to rest you can enjoy watching the protected wildlife that abounds on the Ranch. Count the deer, turkeys, gray rock squirrels, 'possums, raccoons, and others as they move freely about. bring a handful of corn and you'll be a welcome guest in time.       The seclusion of the Ranch and the timelessness of the canyon offers a cool and calm quietness as the day's activities draw to an end, This, plus the warmth of the sun and the chill of the clear, spring-fed river will bring you back, again and again, to Frio Cielo Ranch. In Spanish or in English, you will be saying......HEAVENLY FRIO!"                                

  Vintage map of frio cielo ranch

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